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Question 61   How can we know a state of a thread

Thread.threadstate property gives the information about threads current state

Question 62   What is use of interlocked class

Interlocked classes are used to establish thread synchronization.

let say a global variable “icounter” is accessed by two threads. both the threads want to increment the value by one after some operation. it is necessary to ensure that both threads do not perform this action at the same time.

interlocked.increment(icounter) will help us to solve this problem.

interlocked class contains some methods like increment, decrement , add , compareexchange etc.
these methods will lock the variable and will perform the necessary operation.

interlocked methods are faster compared to the lock statement

Question 63   What is a monitor object

Monitor class is used to establish thread synchronization.

monitor class has to methods enter() and exit() which uses an object as a parameter. monitor ensures that a particular block of code is executed only by one thread at a time.

lock statement is a shortcut monitor. monitor provides some more operations like wait(),pulse() compared to a lock statement

Question 64   What are wait handles

Wait handles are also used to establish thread synchronization.

compared to other lock mechanisms, a wait operations happens based on events. when a thread calls waitone(), it will wait till an another thread calls set(). there are two wait handlers 1) autoresetevent , manualresetevent

Question 65   What is manualresetevent and autoresetevent

In autoresetevent when set() is called only one waiting thread is allowed to resume its operation.
but in manualresetevent when set() is called it allows all the waiting threads to resume.

Question 66   What is readerwriter locks

Compared to the other locking classes/mechanisms readerwriterlock will allow to read the value of a resource simultaneously by multiple threads. but it will lock the object while trying to change its value.
readerwriterlock will perform better since it reduces the wait during reading

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