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.net interview questions
Question 13   What is the difference between namespace and assembly

A namespace is a logical grouping of related classes which helps to distinguish classes with same name whereas an assembly is a physical grouping of logical units

an assembly may contain multiple namespaces

Question 14   What is manifest

A manifest is a file which contains metadata information about an assembly. a manifest contains the below information’s
1) name of the assembly
2) version of the assembly
3) file list
4) public key token (strong name)
5) culture
6) referenced assemblies

Question 15   What is gac

A global assembly cache is a central repository in a machine where all the shared assemblies which are intended to be shared across multiple applications will be stored. usually a gac will be stored at c:\winnt\assembly or at c:\windows\assembly. an assembly can be installed to gac using gacutil tool. gac is introduced to avoid problems like dll hell. assemblies which has a strong name are only allowed to be installed in a gac

Question 16   What is strong name in .net assembly

A strong name is similar to a guid which helps to gac to differentiate between two different versions of assembly.
a strong name is created using sn.exe. assemblies which have a strong name are only allowed to be installed in a gac. strong names are created using public key cryptography (pkc) which has a public key and a private key

Question 17   How to add and remove an assembly from gac

In order to install or remove an assembly from gac gacutil.exe tool is used

to install an assembly to gac the following command is used

gacutil.exe /i assembly.dll

to uninstall an assembly to gac the following command is used

gacutil.exe /u assembly.dll

Question 18   What is delay signing

In order to install an assembly in gac a strong name is required which has a public key and a private key. delay signing allows an assembly to be installed in gac without private key. delay signing is useful during the development phase when somebody do not want to disclose the private key. later during the packaging time such assemblies will be signed with the private key

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