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.net remoting and webservices interview questions
Question 1   What is an application domain

Every .net program is executed by a clr. clr will be executing multiple programs at the same time.
it is important to ensure that one process should not affect the other. an application domain is a mechanism to provide this isolation between process/programs. we will be able to configure application domain for each process and also different security levels can set.

Question 2   Which class does the remote object has to inherit


Question 3   What are two different types of remote object creation mode in .net

There are 2 different ways to achieve this

1) server activated objects (sao)
2) client activated objects (cao)

sao –
sao has two different modes to create objects
1) single call – every call will create an object on the server.
2) single call – a single object will be created and will be used in subsequent calls

in cao client will hold a proxy of the server object

Question 4   What are the ways in which client can create object on server in cao model

1) by using new keyword
2) using activator.createinstance() method

Question 5   Are cao stateful in nature

Cao is stateful in nature. the client creates a proxy of the server object. so it is sateful.

Question 6   What are leasetime, sponsorshiptime, renewoncalltime and leasemanagerpolltime

How does garbage collector work on a remoting environment, because objects are created on a remote system which is outside the memory of the client system? or how will the server detect that an object is no longer used by a client system. in order to manage garbage collection in a remoting environment .net uses mechanisms like leasetime, sponsorshiptime, renewoncalltime and leasemanagerpolltime. this is also known as leasing distributed garbage collector (ldgc)

leasetime – leasetime property is set to define the time an object will be alive on a server. the default value will be 5 minutes, which means a remoting object created on the server will be alive for five minutes. we can increase or decrease this value based on requirement.

renewoncalltime – this property define the time an object will be alive after a call made to the server. the default value will be two minutes

sponsorshiptime – when the life time of an object becomes zero, it waits for a sponsor to become available. this is known as sponsorshiptime and the default value will be two minutes.

leasemanagerpolltime – the time a sponsor has to return a lease time extension is known as leasemanagerpolltime

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